The Ekklesia Conference

Many of you will recall the Ekklesia Conference that was hosted for several years at Grace Immanuel Bible Church in Jupiter, Florida. There are many conferences that are meant to encourage pastors and leaders, or to minister to the needs of individual believers. However, the focus of Ekklesia has always been true to what the name implies- to build up the Church, the Body of Christ. Saving Grace Bible Church is pleased to take on the mantle of hosting this annual conference starting in the Fall of 2022. Our conference begins Friday evening October 14th, and culminates in the Sunday morning worship service on Sunday morning October 16th. 

Conference Topic: Suffering

"In the world you will have trouble." Scripture gives us many promises that provide comfort in seasons of anguish and pain, but Christ also promised that suffering would be a certainty during our sojourn on the earth. We're called to godliness, though it inevitably brings persecution. We enjoy access to inexhaustible spiritual riches in Christ, yet we are subject to the same physical dangers of disease, accident, and violence as everyone else. What does it mean that Christ has overcome the world, and how does this truth give us peace, comfort, and even joy in the midst of our troubles? As turmoil and darkness grow in the world around us, the Church needs wisdom to navigate the difficulties ahead. Join us this year at Ekklesia as we explore the timely topic of suffering. 

Saving Grace Bible Church

Saving Grace Bible Church is located in Englewood, Florida, and was planted in 2010 by Grace Immanuel Bible Church. Sunday corporate worship services are at 9:00am and 10:45am. For more information, please check the Saving Grace Bible Church website.