October 15, 2022

Session 3: Life Is A Vapor

Speaker: Dr. Lance Quinn Passage: Psalms 39

Each morning we wake not knowing what the day might bring. We make our plans, enjoy our allotted blessings, and go about our business expecting that today will be much like yesterday, and that tomorrow will be comfortably predictable as well. Yet all the while, we’re haunted by the difficult truth that life is a vapor. It is fleeting, uncertain, and sometimes it can also be terribly hard. In Psalm 39, David offers precious wisdom on how to walk faithfully through the vicissitudes of life. We must carefully guard our tongue, otherwise we may indict God in a moment of weakness and misrepresent His character before unbelievers. We must be clear about the reality of death, so that we never forget that the joys and treasures of this world are only passing. We must be contrite and tender-hearted, always ready to repent of the sins that hinder our fellowship with the Lord. And through it all we must be consistent in prayer, casting our burdens upon Him because He cares for us.